New Option

At times we may not have what you want or the quantity in stock. Here on our website, we are now offering the option for you to send us a message to let us know if you have a spacial order

Send us a request BY 9 am on Monday and we will make sure your request is on our order for the week. Our orders normally come in on Wednesdays. Once your order has arrived, we will give you a call.

If you would rather call the store at 307-635-1216 and place your order that is an option as well.

**Some weeks there are holidays or other circumstances requires us to order early and get the feed in earlier or vise versa, we will do our best to make sure we communicate.**

Place Special Orders Here

Are you interested in ordering in something we do not have in stock? Are you wanting a certain quantity and want to make sure we have it in stock for you?

Below is an option for you to send us a request.

Please make sure you fill all the boxes in and provide as much detail in the comment box as possible. If you are wanting your feed in on a specific week please clarify in the comment box.

If we cannot fulfill your request or if we have questions, we will be in contact with you.